Neil Roland

Manchester based Photographic Artist and Author

Welcome to Neil Roland's Photographic Art. Our urban landscape - from Manchester to London, Glasgow to Liverpool, Leeds to Southampton - captured as an art form in its glorious, often overlooked detail, in a way not seen before.

Not the Eiffel Tower
(The bridges at Castefield, Manchester pictured at 90 degrees).

The best place to see the entire collection and to choose from all the originals to create an entirely personalised work is Neil's Didsbury studio, open seven days and evenings a week by arrangement by calling him on 07792 365 437.

Or please email to and leave your contact details for Neil to contact you to discuss ideas or arrange for studio visits.

Collections purchased by The Royal Courts of Justice, Rolls Building, Fetter Lane, London, The Christie Hospital, Manchester, Manchester Civil Justice Centre, Bridge Street are on public view in these buildings.

I have also created a website to capture the work of my my mother, Ruth Roland, cataloguing some of the diverse and experimental body of art work created over some 80 years. You can explore this at

BBC Video Nation have done a feature video on my work, showing how I create a picture. The Video Nation shows me creating an artwork for a couple who wanted reds, greens and golds, and wanted to include different aspects of Salford and Manchester, and the places that meant the most to them. Click HERE to see the video.

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