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Liverpool - an architectural celebration

Heading to the Shankley Gates

Liverpool Places and Faces

A new picture blending some of the cities most fascinating permanent faces with some classic signage: Includes, in the faces, the Pier Head sculptures, heads featuring on the Cunard Building, a mannequin from Quiggins, the chained men behind Liverpool Town Hall and the lions at St. George’s Hall.

Liverpool Town and Gown

There is now a large collection of pictures of Liverpool Unviersity and its environs. This picture was commissioned by a client who wanted to blend both the town and the university of Liverpool, with images of buildings and places from Victorian times right up to the new Museum of Liverpool which is brand new. By blending neutral colours with brilliant psychodelic colours, there is a real relationship in the picture between academia and fun

Signs of the Times Liverpool

A collection of classic and original signs, some of which have already disappeared, which are resonant of the city. Street, shop, pub and business names, created during the past 150 years are worked together into an art piece.
The picture can be created at a number of different sizes - and if you would like a particular name - your own street name, business name or simply a sign that means something to you which does not appear in the work, then I’m happy to discuss taking extra pictures and working them into the design so it is a one-off picture for you.

Anglican Cathedral on Reflection (1)

Here, Liverpool’s enormous Anglican Cathedral is pictured part reflected in the bonnet and windscreen of a shiny black car, and then the picture is turned upside down.

Anglican Cathedral on Reflection (2)

The Cathedral is reflected in the windscreen and bonnet of a car.

Over The Rainbow

Over the Rainbow is a celebration of the diversity of Liverpool's colourful buildings. Each picture is a colour of the rainbow in order: from left; Red is a church door at Everton Church. Orange is the Belvedere Hotel on Mount Pleasant. Yellow is stained glass in Edwards Bar on Concert Lane (Bold Street). Green is the 'Royal' in the telephone number on the former Clifford Shirt Manufacturing Co. on Berry Street; Blue is No. 84 Rodney Street. Indigo is a stained glass window in St. Nicholas Church, the Parish church of Liverpool, and Violet is Velvet Lounge on Bold Street

City of Surprising Colours

City of Surprising Colours starts from left with an 18th century gilded French settee at Quiggins, the alternative antiques store; The stained glass window is in the Commercial Hotel near Lime Street station. The mosaic tiles are at the Philharmonic Pub bar, and the yellow house is a pub on Back Berry Street.

Liverpool Blue

from left to right: Metropolitan Cathedral stained glass window; Warehouse on Henry Street; Winslow pub at Everton F.C.; Window in Philharmonic pub; Baa Bar (formerly H&J Jones (1897)) on Fleet Street; Front door at No. 78 Seel Street; Mosaic tiles on facade of Royal Hotel, Smithdown Road.

Liverpool Deco

Series of pure Art Deco images on public buildings around the centre of Liverpool.

Liverpool Green

from left to right: Font base at Anglican Cathedral; Radio tower in reflection; Chained man, Liverpool Town Hall square; Tower in reflection, corner of Stanley Street and Whitechapel (above Wade Smith); Simpson Fountain, in wall of St. Nicholas Chruch; Dome in Beetham Towers; ceiling, East India Building

Liverpool White

from left to right: Original ironwork at Palm House, Sefton Park; Paradise Street with regeneration plan; The Liver Building; Liverpool University, Ashton Building, Ashton Street; Wellington Buildings reflected in Liver Building windows; Lime Street Station clock; Upper Parliament Street terrace

Liverpool Red

from left to right: Everyman Theatre; St. Nicholas Parish Church windows; Traditional barber's shop, Garston; Adjoining Eye and Ear Infirmary, Myrtle Street; Kirkland's Viennese bakery; The Cavern nightclub; Vintage truck parts, Quiggins alternative antiques, College Lane; Columns at Lime Street station

Liverpool Pink

from left to right: Boat named 'Prosperity' at Sandon Dock; Paramount Picture House; Inside Palm House at Sefton Park; Gents' loos at Philharmonic Pub; Humyak House (dated 1864), Duke Street; Everton Toffee poster, London Road; Albert Dock

Metropolitan Cathedral

The stained glass windows, pictured horizontally, and the reflection of the stained glass onto the concrete at the Catholic Cathedral

Ladies at the Philharmonic

Compilation picture of the bronze profile relief of a woman's head in the gates of the Philharmonic Pub

The East India Building facade

reflected in the glass walls of Beetham Towers.

Sandon Dock

storage silos with steps in the sun, reflecting onto the steel

Sandon Dock in Blue

The power of the sun reflecting the vivid blue sky on the steel storage silos at Sandon Dock

Lady at the Philharmonic

Single image of the bronze relief profile in the gates at the Philharmonic pub

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