Neil Roland - Gallery 19

Each picture is from a limited edition of 50 and is printed from the artist's original photographs. Each one is titled and signed by the artist.

For prices and framing options, please email the artist at or telephone Neil on 07792 365 437

Cars Cars Cars

A whole collection of original sixties and seventies classics. Each one of these could of course form part of another picture with other images, but this is a car lover’s dream.

‘Back Then……’ a nostalgic piling of toy cars from the 60s and 70s

including: triumph Heralds, Ford Zodiac, Austin A40, Rembler Classic, Chevrolet, Bond Bug, Bubble car, Lotus Elan; e-type jaguar, Ford Cortina Marks 1 and 11., Rolls Royce, Hillman Minx, Volvo P1800

Back Then…..’ a hill of cars from the 60s and 70s

Evocative of a million childhoods

Citroën Traction

1940s classic citroen in three sections to show front wing, distinctive Citroen grille and marque on the spare wheel

Speeding through Swedish Countryside in 1961 Volvo P1800

1950s Volvo P544

Ford Anglias

Kirke Mosse, Southern Sweden
a hidden treasure of cars at one with the forest in which they have been gently returning to nature. Swedes drove on the left until 1967, hence the Austins, Morrises, etc.

Austin and Morris

Ford Anglia, parked up for the night

Sunken Bicycle

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