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Manchester Individual Images

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Please note that the size, colours and quality of the pictures on this page have been reduced for web viewing and do not accurately represent the detail and vivid colours of the actual photographs

Manchester Cathedral

The gorgeous stained glass in the contemporary windows which really bring the 15th century Manchester Cathedral to life

Central Library

Central library is seen here in the wing mirror of an old motorbike parked opposite The Midland Hotel.

Office Work

Manchester Town Hall is reflected in offices. Look carefully, and see two people working in their office, seemingly right in the top of the Town Hall Tower.

Central Library in the Lexicon

Central Library is photographed at 8pm on a summer’s evening in the Lexicon (formerly Television House) on Mount Street.

Sea of Slippers on the Curry Mile

Brilliantly-hued, glittering slippers are lit at night outside a Punjabi shop on Rusholme’s Curry Mile.

United Red Letter Day

The stadium at Old Trafford is reflected in the glass panels of the offices opposite the cafes and shops connected to Manchester United. Above them, the stadium rises up. The picture is printed in reverse so all the lettering reads the right way around.

Red Rain

The iconic ‘Manchester United neon’ on the façade of the stadium is reflected in a puddle beneath, then printed in reverse. This image works well linked with others too.

Signs Written Red

All the signs of the cafes, streets and shops outside the Old Trafford Stadium. This can be an individual, stand alone picture, or can be incorporated into a larger ‘Red Manchester’ picture.

Pride in Battle

The City Stadium. An angle of the Eastlands City Stadium with the slogan ‘Pride in Battle’ at the centre.

City Streets

Colliery Street in Beswick with its untouched Victorian houses, mercifully not yet destroyed with UPVC windows or B&Q doors…. Forgotten amid the bustle of the city, and the unnoticed by the crowds attending matches at the City Stadium just a few yards away.

Stockings for Girls Socks for Boys

This was a window display at Manchester’s Debenham’s. It seemed so English that the otherwise naked mannequins should keep socks and stockings on. Despite having no heads, they are all staring at a screw on the floor. (only visible in the blown up picture).

Britannia Mill, Castlefield

Here, Britannia Mill in Castlefield is reflected in the bonnet and windscreen of a BMW Z|4, the picture then being inverted.

Wallpaper on Tib Street

Along Tib Street in the Northern Quarter, a Victorian house was demolished, leaving the interior walls of that house open to the elements. For a while, before the weather ripped it to shreds, the ancient, forgotten wallpapers of decades past fluttered in the breeze, captured here.

Canal Street in a Puddle

Canal Street seen reflected in a puddle right down to the Minshull Street Courts at the end. I have a large range of pictures from around Canal Street and the Village. To view, please call Neil on 07792 365 437.

Manchester Fire Brigade Head Quarters

The long-drawn out battle to get the fabulous old Fire Station opposite Picadilly Train Station back into action in some way goes on. Meanwhile, it’s sensational architecture remains dusty and often overlooked, but completely gorgeous in its alluring detail.

Central Station Clock in Barbirolli Square

Brown Street from King Street

Great Northern Tower & Central Station in Barbirolli Square

Great Northern Tower in Barbirolli Square

Whitworth Hall, Manchester University after Flash Flood

(pictured in a huge puddle, corner of Brunswick Street, then shown upside down).

Hulme Arch

Two pictures, back to back and turned on their sides to give an image of elegant simplicity

Snow Not Sand, Cheshire

Here, what looks like warm waters lapping a pure beach is actually two pictures showing sky and a snowy field edge close to Delamere, Cheshire. One picture is simply butted up to the other, one upside down…..

Manchester’s Tallest Building with Bird

The huge Beetham Tower with the Hilton Hotel is shown from a different perspective - dwarfed here by Cambridge Mill, and even the street lamp. A bird flies through the scene.

Swans on the Irwell, Salford Quays

5am, the sun lights three of them, the others remain in pure blue shadows

Masonic Hall, Manchester

Pictured as it appeared in a massive puddle on St. Mary’s Parsonage

Manchester University (portrait image).

Seated on the Roof tops, Picadilly

A stone man in a floppy hat sits on the roof top at Picadilly, opposite the multi storey car park. Who has noticed him for over 100 years?

Century Buildings, St. Mary's Parsonage.

Reflection of both the Victorian and newer buildings reflected in windows on opposite side of St. Mary's Parsonage. Century Buildings were originally National Buildings, the name still marked in the stone.

Looking into the Express Building

Reflection into the Express Newspaper building off Great Ancoats Street, Manchester.

The Arndale and The Wheel

An evening view of the Manchester Wheel, set in context by the lit-up Arndale behind.

The Triangle (Corn Exchange) in Exchange Square

The dome of the former Corn Exchange repeats here in the curving glass of Harvey Nichols store at Exchange Square.

The Arndale Centre

The Arndale tower shimmers here, in reflection in urbis. Note the red wording 'Arndale' turns liquid in reflection.

New Life On Hulme Street

A view from Oxford Road down Hulme Street towards Cambridge Street.

Rochdale Canal, Manchester (1)

The bridge over the Rochdale Canal at Deansgate Locks on a snowy day.

Urbis in the sun

A straight view up at Urbis on a bright, sunny day.

Albert Mill - Sun after the Rain

This is a reflection in a huge post-storm puddle in Ellesmere Road, south of Castlefield. The picture is presented upside down, so view is purely of reflection in the water. the hoardings are Urban Splash's before they begin restoration of the old mill here.

Rochdale Canal, Manchester (2)

Central Manchester bridge reflection in the Rochdale Canal.

Barton Arcade - convex or concave?

The dome of the 1870s Barton Arcade appears to be Convex in this picture - but is concave, as taken from beneath.

No. 1 Deansgate

The afternoon sun glints gold, and reflects the tower of the Royal Exchange onto the glass wall of No. 1 Deansgate.

The Old Manchester Grammar School - now Chetham's

Reflected in Urbis, this is the old Manchester Grammar School buildings (before the school moved south of the city centre). It is now part of Chetham's.

John Ryland's Library

The Deansgate Library before its closure for refurbishment, reflected in the building opposite.

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