Neil Roland - Gallery 3
Salford - new view

The Girl Did Well!

Signs of the Times Salford

40 classic, original signs worked into a picture - street names, shop names, breweries and pubs- sometimes forgotten but fascinating wording dating back 150 years.
Am happy to be commissioned to photograph your own street name or business name, and incorporate it into the piece to make a one-off work.
Please ask. Tel: 07792 365 437

Goneanation Street Salford 6

An old terrace house on the Langworthy Estate

Cut & Curl

A bricked up hairdressers on Duchy Street, Langworthy.

St. Philips With St. Stephen

Convulvulus climbs the railings guarding the spectacular Greek-style St. Philips Church, just off Chapel Street at Salford 3.
Designed in 1825 by Sir Robert Smirke, St. Philips has a unique architectural style in Salford.

St. Ignatius Church door, Ordsall

Years of graffitti have created fascinating, vivid scars on the doors of St. Ignatius Church at King Edward Street in Ordsall which opened these doors in 1903, and closed them for worship in 2002.

Salford Cinema

Built as a church, well known as a picture house, reborn as a performing arts centre. A classic sight at Water Street, Salford.

Rainsough Cemetary

A view over this striking landscape as the sun begins to fall.

Man in the Moon

The green, tiled images of a man's face as part of the elaborate facade of the Co-operative buildling at Pendleton, Salford. Now in a state of disrepair.

Reflections in a Broken Wing Mirror

The chateau-like former Gas Works at Bloom Street, Salford, reflected on a summer's day in a broken car wing mirror found in the street.

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