Neil Roland - Gallery 35
Alderley Edge

The historic furniture store Arighi Bianchi in Macclesfield will be exclusively stocking all my Alderley Edge and Macclesfield pictures.
For purchase, please contact Neil Roland directly (07792 365 437) - and for personalised commissioned pictures of the area.

Secrets of Alderley

A golden picture, comprising images of the classic art deco Alderley Village Butchers; sunlight filtering through the windows of St. Philips Church; London Road bar; the ancient church at Nether Alderley; The Edge itself; The Nat West Bank building, and Alderley Cricket Club, and the unique Barclays Bank Building, London Road.

St. Philips Church

Alderley Edge (Ryley’s Lane and Wilmslow Road corner).

Slices of Alderley

Barclays Bank clock, London Road; ancient house, Nether Alderley; St. Philips Church stained glass window: water mill, Nether Alderley; Cricket club; sign ‘To The Edge.’

The Edge at Alderley

The remarkable colours, tones and textures of the very graffittied stone edge at Alderley Edge.

Alderley Edge Red

St. Philips church behind rhododendrons; Cedrics Pharmacy; Alderley Edge post office; stained Glass window, St. Philips; Victorian Post Box; Union Club, Stevens Street; Festival Hall.

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