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This new collection of Macclesfield artworks are exclusively available to view at Arighi Bianchi furniture store in Macclesfield (as of December 12th).
All enquiries directly through Neil Roland (07792 365 437).

Mile Markers Macclesfield


A blend of gold and blue Macclesfield pictures. Any of the colours can be blended to create an aesthetic work representing Macclesfield.

Macclesfield Black and White

l-r: Arighi Bianchi furniture store; Moviedrome cinema; Clock, St. Michael’s Church; raw silk, Paradise Mill; Fence Hospital, Buxton Road; door on Sunderland St; Paradise Street with original workers’ houses.

Macclesfield Gold

Angel atop the gates of St. Michael’s Church, Market Square; Hovis Chimney; Paradise Mill interior; segments of antique glass at Ian Baillie’s glass restoration studio home, Bond Street; silk on the loom; plaque at defuct School, now standing behind Christ Church, Bridge St. ; pawn Brokers, Chestergate.

Macclesfield Blue

left-right: solicitors’ offices, Park Green; silk thread on bobbins; stained glass window, Christ Church; St. Michael’s reflected in bank opposite; Macclesfield United Reformed church doors; stained glass at Christ’s; Paradise Mills blue silk.

Macclesfield Green

l-r: gargoyle, St. Michael’s Church; Stained glass leaves, Christ Church; Victorian bandstand, Victoria Park, opposite King’s School for Girls; St. Paul’s Church gates; art deco Co-Op shop on Buxton Road; Macclesfield Equitable Provident Society: The Macclesfield Canal, bridge 43.

Macclesfield Red

l-r: Original Georgian houses on Bridge Street; stained glass, Christ Church; King Edwards Chapel; silk printing; Granelli’s Ice Cream Parlour; Macclesfield Equitable Provident Society, Park Green; original door, Bond Street.

Macclesfield Signs of the Times

A collection of over twenty classic, original Macclesfield signs, from quirky street names to old shops, pubs and hospitals - all worked together to create one piece of artwork.
You can have your own business or street name incorporated into the piece to make it a one-off.
The picture is available in different size scales.
Please call Neil Roland to discuss. Tel: 07792 365 437.

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