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Chorlton & Around Gallery

Black, White & Chorlton Green

left to right: wall art depicting the late social commentator Quentin Crisp on Keppel Road. Crisp came to Chorlton from New York to deliver a one-man show at The Green Room theatre, but died in Chorlton the night before his performance; the chapel litchgate at Chorlton Green; The Victorian lamp post in the middle of Chorlton Green; signs in black and white all over chorlton; three smaller images of, from top, the clock in Longford Park over the apex at 16th century Barlow Hall, now Chorlton Golf Club, over the clock on the tower of Chorlton Conservative Club on Wilbraham Road; the Horse & Jockey reflected in a car; Chorlton Library's original latticed windows.

Signs of the Times Chorlton

A new signs of the times, including a range of new bars. Signs pictures can be adapted to individualise the piece to include your own relevant signs.

Magic of Chorlton

Chorlton Doors

Chorlton: Signs of the Times

A collection of 50 classic, original signs from all around Charlton - from streets, shops, pubs, eateries and stores. The signs have been worked into an aesthetic piece- and I’m happy to take and include specific signs - perhaps your street name, house number or business to make the picture a one off.

Slices of Chorlton

From left to right: The original street sign on Chorlton Green, and beneath, a shocking pink, convertible Morris Minor 1000 that lives in the village; a Victorian door off Beech Road; Methodist Church door; ‘Drink Milk for Health’ - the former ‘Creameries’ on Wilbraham Road; a cat in a window above the shops on Wilbraham Road; The Trevor Artms, Beech Road, St. Clements Church stained glass fire window; ‘The Saddlers’, Barlow Moor Road, with old ‘Cho’ ‘phone no.; a classic 82 Bus through Chorlton; Old Conservative Club with clock Tower, Wilbraham Road.

Hidden Treasures of Whalley Range

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