Neil Roland - Gallery 39
Blue Murder - portrait-oblong pictures commissioned by Granada TV

A series of narrow, vertical pictures have been bought by Granada TV for the forthcoming series of ‘Blue Murder’ with Caroline Quentin.

Within the story, a spiral staircase features prominently, and Granada required pictures which were extra narrow to hang on the curved walls.

This is a collection of Manchester Colours created in narrow oblongs - perfect for column walls, narrow areas around the house, or offices, and can be adapted to comprise images which are particularly meaningful to the buyer.

You are welcome to come to the studio and choose from a huge range of pictures in any of the colourways - blues, aquas, jades, plums, pinks, golds, reds, flames, terracottas, silvers, whites, browns…… and tailored to the exact size that suits your space.

Telephone Neil on 07792 365 437 or (0161) 446 2191 to arrange to come over and see all the possibilities.

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