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Didsbury and West Didsbury

Each picture is from a limited edition of 50 and is printed from the artist's original photographs. Each one is titled and signed by the artist.

For prices and framing options, please email the artist at or telephone Neil on 07792 365 437

Please note that the size, colours and quality of the pictures on this page have been reduced for web viewing and do not accurately represent the detail and vivid colours of the actual photographs

Didsbury Windows

M20 Alive!

A collection of 40 classic signs from across Didsbury and West Didsbury, in between which are, from top, the ‘City of Manchester’ sign at junction of Palatine Road and Barlow Moor Road; vivid tulips growing at the Old Parsonage Gardens, and an original 42 bus with Withington, West Didsbury and Didsbury destination.

Didsbury Village Alive!

L-r: Victorian Post box at Fog Lane/Wilsmlow Road corner, with City of Manchester sign above; series of signs, including Carrington,s, Dog and Partridge, Cheese Hamlet, Didsbury, Fletcher Moss Rock Garden and Alpine House; Sifters Records, Stenner Lane, Evans the Fishmongers and The Old Parsonage; stained glass at Calderbank, Palatine Road; Didsbury Clock Tower reflected in a puddle; fruit at Evans of Didsbury above stained glass at café at Fletcher Moss Park; Didsbury Library; avenue of Poplars at Fletcher Moss; the 42 bus.

Didsbury Flash Flood

Walking through Didsbury after a flash flood, all the beauty of Parkfield Road South is reflected in the post-storm sunlight.

Folk on Burton Road

Folk café bar is reflected in the oval mirror of David Gavin Interiors Opposite. The flowers of his designer wall paper seem to fold into the architecture of the opposite side of the road. The picture is printed in reverse so the word reads the right way.

Green Tea on Burton Road

The Green Tea Chinese Restaurant on Burton Road in West Didsbury reflects the run of cafes and shops on the opposite side of the road, including Folk, former Deli on Burton Road, Rhubarb restaurant, and the Burton Road Bakery.

The Lime Tree

with wisteria.

Mersey Road Gate

A Victorian, forgotten wooden gate still stands, half hidden by greenery and dappled with sunlight, in front of apartments on Mersey Road - a reminder of the great villa which stood there before.

Needham Hall

The magnificent stained glass at Needham Hall, Palatine Road.

Apple Cider at The Woodstock

The glorious architecture at The Woodstock, Barlow Moor Road, includes subtle, beautiful stained glass. In the inglenook fireplace is a tiny window containing these golden apples.

Didsbury College Spiral

The magnificent original spiral staircase at Didsbury’s historic College, once the Methodist Training College, is an architectural gem.

Lapwing Lane Parade in a Puddle

The classic Edwardian row of shops on Lapwing Lane, reflected in a puddle

Flowering Cherry at Fog Lane Park

Gardens of Didsbury

Signs Of The Times Didsbury

A collection of 50 classic, original signs taken all around Didsbury Village - from street signs, pubs, shops and parks, the signs are printed, hand painted, or carved in stone and wood.
If you have a particular sign - your own street, business or gatepost sign perhaps, I’m happy to discuss taking an extra picture or two and working into the piece.

Didsbury In The Pink

Didsbury Library through cherry blossom; art nouveau window, Grosvenor St. Aiden's (corner of Parkfield Road South and Palatine Road); Japonese anemones; stylised stained glass roses at Calderbank, Sandileigh Ave & Palatine Road; The Metropolitan; window on Parkfield Road South; apple blossom at The Parsonage Gardens

Didsbury Red Yellow

Victorian shops, Wilmslow Road in Didsbury Village; fruits at Evans of Didsbury; front door, Pine Road; tulips at Old Parsonage Gardens; stained glass at Calderbank; Victorian post box, Wilmslow Road and Fog Lane corner; front door, Wilmslow Road

A Burst of Sunshine in Didsbury

(a combination of just four images rather than the larger seven - please see Didsbury Red Yellow above for details.)

Didsbury White with Purple

Victorian canopy supports, Lapwing Lane shops; lavender at Old Parsonage Gardens; The Rhodes Memorial Clock Tower; silver birches reflected and inverted in flood meadows, Fletcher Moss; Fritillaria; poplar avenue in winter, Fletcher Moss meadows by the Mersey

Didsbury Sunshine

stained glass windows, St. Aidens Church; sunshine through the horse chestnuts, Didsbury Park; Didsbury Library; Calderbank window; tulips at Old Parsonage Gardens; pillar box on Elm Road. The Cheese Hamlet

Poplar Seasons

The Poplar Avenue at Fletcher Moss Park is a source of fascination to me as it changes with the seasons. Here it is, with inverted images to create an unusual presentation, from winter, through the sprint and summer, and into autumn, all taken from the same stand point.

Didsbury Blue Green

Marie Louise Gardens, the old shelter; railings, Didsbury Primary School, Elm Grove; Old Parsonage; blue poppy; Avenue of Poplars, Fletcher Moss Park; peacock stained glass in oriel window on Oriel Road; Carrington's Wine Merchants with shadow of war memorial (right hand side of white wall).

West Didsbury Alive

This picture was commissioned by a client who wanted specific West Didsbury images. I have now created a large collection of West Didsbury pictures, and welcome people to choose what means the most to them from my collection. Am happy to show the collection at my home.
This picture comprises The Lime Tree, Gurka Grill, the Metropolitan; The gates at Cavendish Road School, the back alley behind Brooklands Avenue; the wallpaper at the Nose (before it closed); and Greens.
*Please ask about the extensive collection.

Springtime , Old Parsonage Gardens, Didsbury

A triptych of flower pictures from the Old Parsonage Gardens, former home to Alderman Fletcher Moss.
Please ask about other colour combinations of other flowers.

Fletcher Moss, the Flood Meadows

Living Didsbury

West Didsbury Life

From left: The Metropolitan; Cavendish Road School, stained Glass at Calderbank, Palatine Road/Sandileigh Avenue; Greens Restaurant; Lapwing Lane council offices; gates, Cavendish Road: The Assembly (formerly The Nose) & The Lime Tree

Pubs of Didsbury

A secret spot, Marie Louise Gardens

The pavillion at this Edwardian park in Didsbury.

The Old Parsonage

The former home of Alderman Fletcher Moss, with its exotic palms in the heart of Old Didsbury, Manchester.

The Rhodes Memorial Clock Tower

Quintessential Didsbury - The Clock Tower, Wilmslow Road.

A Mansion Forgotten

One of Didsbury's fine old villas just before demolition. Sunlight streams through the shattered interior on Barlow Moor Road.


Heritage Gardens, Didsbury

Avenue of Poplars

An image which could be in the French countryside, but is actually close to the River Mersey at Fletcher Moss Park

St. James Church, Didsbury

The 13th Century parish church of Didsbury

Japanese Anenomies

elicate blooms with Tudor-style gable so popular in Didsbury in background

Didsbury Library

The Carnegie-funded, octagonal public library, Didsbury


The Spire of Emmanuel Church, Didsbury, from Didsbury Library

Water Meadows in Didsbury

The flood meadows, reflecting silver birch trees

Flowers at the water's edge

Fletcher Moss Park, Didsbury

Fritallaria, Didsbury

Didsbury Blue-Green

Seven scenes of Didsbury. From left: Marie Louise Gardens pavillion; Carrington's Wine Merchants; St. James Church; Peacock Window in Oriel Road; Spire of church; Window detail at St. James; The Old Parsonage

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