Neil Roland - Gallery 41
University of Manchester

From a large collection of Manchester University images - here are a few....

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Please note that the size, colours and quality of the pictures on this page have been reduced for web viewing and do not accurately represent the detail and vivid colours of the actual photographs

Ascent of Manchester University


Manchester University Green


Manchester University Red


Signs of the Times Manchester University


The Whitworth Building


University of Manchester Gold (1)


University of Manchester Gold

l-r shadow from gates at Whitworth Hall; close up from main windows in Whitworth Hall; The quadrangle with reflection; door handles on grand entrance at UMIST, Sackville Street; University in puddle on Brunswick St.; chanedliers at Whitworth Hall; Organic Chemistry department; Williamson Building.
*NB All university images can be worked differently to create an entirely relevant set of images. .

Gems of the University of Manchester

L-r: The Christie Building, stained glass image of Christie; original Alfred Waterhouse designed door handle in the Christie building; Chemistry building entrance; scales at Umist; the Christie bistro; handles at Whitworth Hall; John Owens building.

The Academy

Sunlight causing brilliantly coloured shadows from the jewel- hued glass.

University of Manchester Spiral

The Coupland building spiral up which students for generations ran to get their final results. Two images worked into one.

Christie Building

Sunlight pouring onto the staircase of the Christie Building.


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