Neil Roland - Gallery 43

A small selection from a large collection of Cambridge, both town and gown.

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Please note that the size, colours and quality of the pictures on this page have been reduced for web viewing and do not accurately represent the detail and vivid colours of the actual photographs

Cambridge Commute

the ageing bicycles which stand against ancient college walls, their baskets and saddles reflected in the shadows of the Cambridge morning sun.

Heads and Hats of Cambridge

Real heads, Stones Heads, straw boaters on the punters, black bowlers on the college porters.

Cambridge Gold 1

Cambridge Gold 2

Cambridge Gold 3

Doors of Ferry Path, Cambridge

Botanic Gardens, Cambridge

Cambridge Red

Cambridge Blue

Cambridge Green

Punts in Full Bloom

Cambridge in Shades of Plum

Bridge of Sighs, St. John’s

Magdalene College, Cambridge

Fitzwilliam Museum, Trumpington Road

reflected in antiques shop opposite - antique china and glassware appears to be sprouting from the very fabric of the great museum.

Kings in Lamb

King’s College Cambridge reflects in the windows of the one time home of Charles Lamb which stands opposite.

Brooklands Lodge

by the Botantical Gardens, Brooklands Avenue and Trumpington Road corner

Botanic Bench

One of the most strange sights in the Cambridge Botanic Gardens is the glorious way the old wooden benches have been allowed to disappear into the undergrowth, creating an organic, mysterious disappearance of the seating.

Kings in a Car

King’s College Chapel, reflected in the windscreen and bonnet of a car parked outside, then shown upside down.

Kings in Two Windows

King’s College reflects in the Georgian architecture of the houses and shops opposite.

Kings Reflected

King’s Chapel reflected in a car and hung upside down.

Cycle Shadow

A bike leaning against the walls of Pembroke College.

Downing College Chapel

Pepys Library at Magdalene

Boat Houses on the Cam

Scott Polar Museum

A woman’s glance

a piece of stained glass in King’s College Chapel.

Clare College - Fellows’ Garden


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