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Below is just a selection of my Leeds collections. At my studio, I also have a substantial collection including different areas of Leeds and areas around, such as Otley, Chapel Allerton etc. I also have other West Yorkshire collections including Bradford, Halifax etc.

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Please note that the size, colours and quality of the pictures on this page have been reduced for web viewing and do not accurately represent the detail and vivid colours of the actual photographs

Leeds Leads


Leeds Gold


Leeds Wise

The owls of Leeds, the city's emblem, appear in stained glass, gilded, carved from stone and fashioned from terracotta all over the city, from the library and the markets to the City Hall and the hospitals.

Leeds Gold (i)

Nymph in City Square: clock on City Hall; parquet floor of the Tiled Hall, part of Leeds Library; Victoria Family Commercial Hotel above Henry Moore Sculpture outside the Art Gallery over the Shrewsbury Arms; Leeds Owl on City Hall; floor plate at Victoria Arcade: Parkinson Building, Leeds University: stained glass at Kirkgate Chambers, Leeds Market.

Leeds Gold (ii)

John Dyson, The Headrow; roundel windows at Leeds Library; mosaics at Royal Arcade over stained glass pears at Kirkgate Market windows: ceiling of the Tiled Hall (formerly Mechanics Institute); owls on railings of the Library; ‘Balcony’ sign at Corn Exchange: City Hall clock.

Leeds Red

Floor Mosaics outside Reiss store, Victoria Arcade; door to Leeds Faculty of Law at the university over the Faculty of Art at Leeds College of Art; The contemporary glass hands sculpture in Nelson Mandela Square; Metropole Hotel over Leeds destination at Victoria Station, Mancester, over wall map showing Leeds on the Lancashire and Yorkshire wall map at Victoria Station.; Victorian post box at Leeds Infirmary; The Hyde Park Picture House, Headingly; window at former Liberal offices, now Quebecs, Quebec Street, Leeds.

Leeds Shades of White

L-r: ceiling of Corn Exchange: detail of musical instruments on old Majestic Cinema, City Square; Leeds bridge, pictured upside down; Brotherton Wing of the hosptial: Adelphi pub over leeds bridge with shadows: clock of the Corn Exchange over ‘Atlas’ over Queen’s Arcade Clock; original wall advert for the Yorkshire Evening News outside stadium at Headingly.

Leeds Blue

Leeds Football Club stadium reflected in a car: The old Gill’s West Riding Hotel, Quebec Street: Leeds College of Art over stained glass star window at Leeds Infirmary: window in Leeds Parish Church; railings on Quebec Street: blue plaques for Leeds Liberal Club, Leeds Union Workshop,WebCo on Aire Street;and Joshua Tetley the brewery.; Detail of Brotherton Wing of Hospital; Victoria Arcade.

Leeds in Plum

East Parade Chambers; window at Parish Church; ‘Tetley’ wall advert near Jimmy’s Hospital; fabulous staircase at Kirgate Chambers, Leeds Market; Queen’s Hotel Leeds and mural on Aire Street.

Leeds in Shades of Jade

Headingly Stadium; tiles at Tile Hall, former Mechanics Inst.; tiled signage in corner shop at Holbeck and original wall advert on Harehills Road; stained glass flower at Leeds Library; stonework on The Headrow: Marks & Spencer applique at Leeds Art Gallery; Wellington statue (with red painted Wellingtons) at Hyde Park near university.

The Bourse, Leeds

From three different perspectives, just a few feet apart, the reflections of The Bourse change completely.

Harewood House and Home

A whole collection of hidden images of Harwewood, near leeds and its magnificent surrounding countryside.


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