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Heaton Moor & Heaton Mersey

A large collection of Heaton Moor, Heaton Mersey and Heaton Chapel works are on show at Juno Cafe at Heaton Moor Top.

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Please note that the size, colours and quality of the pictures on this page have been reduced for web viewing and do not accurately represent the detail and vivid colours of the actual photographs

Heatons Greens and Blues

My artworks can be created to any shape and size. Here, a square artwork which is ideal for over fireplaces where there is plenty of ceiling height. These images are chosen from my vast Heaton Moor collection, all to blend greens and blues - but of course I can create works to any colour combination. a number of possibilities are shown in the gallery, below.

close up images of the above artwork:

The Black & White of Heaton Moor

from left to right: The ruff worn by Queen Elizabeth 1 in her portrait at The Elizabethan Pub, Heaton Moor Road; Cantina Spanish tapas Bar; Heaton Moor war memorial over the door plates inside the Savoy Cinema over The Moortop pub sign; striped awning on shops at Heaton Moor Road; Town Bar clock over Time and Place, Shaw Road, over the black and white brickwork arch at Heaton Chapel Station; cobbles on a Heaton Moor back alley; The Heaton Moor shops reflected in a Mercedes car; The weir at The River Mersey, seen from Heaton Mersey Bowl

Heaton Moor Shades of Plum

from left to right: From stained glass at St Paul's Church to windows at the Nursery Pub, and the seats and screen curtain at the refurbished Savoy Cinema, all shades of purple around Heaton Moor are blended here to create a highy colour-themed artwork. This work is portrait, but can of course be created landscape too

Heaton Moor Shades of Flame

left to right: shtained glass at The Plough Pub; The Elizabethan pub sign; seats at 'the old' Savoy Cinema before refurbishment; the font at the Congregational Church; a glass lampshade at La Cantina tapas restaurant; Heaton Moor library stone detail over pumpkins at La Cantina over the mosaic porch floor at Thom's, over the carved owl in Heaton Moor Park; stained glass dahlias at The Nursery Pub.

Heaton Moor Ruby Red

left to right: a classic post box on Park Road, Heaton Moor; The Savoy Cinema facade; windows at St. Paul's Church; the old bank building on the corner of Shaw Road and Heaton Moor Road; Stanley House, Stanley Road; alms houses on Green Lane; Heaton Chapel and Heaton Moor station; windows at The Nursery pub; wrought iron work on Heaton Moor Road shops.

Signs of the Times Heaton Moor

You can incorporate your own personalied signs - and the picture can be created at whatever size you like, or indeed, be made landscape if that suits your decor better. This is a collection of classic Heaton Moor road and shop signs together with familiar Heaton Moor land marks.

Strolling through Heaton Moor

l-r: Blue Cat, Shaw Road, reflected in a car bonnet; Shaw Road with silhouette lamp post; Heaton Chapel/ Heaton Moor train station; the Elizabethan Pub; Stained glass at The Plough pub; part of signage for 'Heaton Moor Road' The Heaton Moor Road shops and bars reflected in a Mercedes windscreen.

Hidden Heaton Moor

l-r: Heaton Moor Road shops; Pokusevski's Deli stained glass windows; sculpture in Heaton Moor Park; classic door on Park Road; The Savoy Cinema; lamp standard in St. Paul's churchyard; Heaton Moor War Memorial

Lights of Heaton Moor

l-r: Interior at Damson Restaurant; Bakers Confectioners, now Kro Bar, Shaw Road corner; Reflection of houses in shops on Shaw Road; door handle at St. Paul's Church; Classic Heaton Moor doorway; former bank (and solicitors) on Shaw Road, Heaton Moor Road corner; Pokusevski's chandelier.

Secrets of Heaton Moor

l-r: Heaton Chapel & Heaton Moor Liberal Club before restoration; post box on park Road; war memorial; owl at Heaton Moor Park; council office and library, Thornfield Road; St. Paul's Church stained glass; Porch at The Orangery.

Heaton Moor Road

shops in the bonnet and windscreen of a black Mercedes

Heaton Moor War Memorial

In the snow, summoning the cold of the trenches.

Heaton Mersey Common Gates


Heaton Mersey's St. John's Church

Shown through litchgate, reflecting the shape of the Welcome to Heaton Mersey sign up on the street.

Down To Heaton mersey Park


Heaton Chapel & Heaton Mersey Station

view to the ornate original ceiling.

The Vale, Heaton Mersey

reflected in a Ford Ka

Heaton Stripes

Victorian Parade at Heaton Moor Road.

Heaton Moor War Memorial

soldiers in the trenches.

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