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I have a large and ever growing collection of Tameside pictures, of which this is a taster. The first four art works comprise a mix of different Tameside images created for a commission.

Having created large collections of Denton, whilst working on a commission for Denton Community College (and which now hang there), and of Droylsden, which hang in the Droylsden Academy - I have also built up a sizeable collection of other areas of Tameside including a wonderful experience photographing in ruined mills around Stalybridge. All my collections can be seen at my Didsbury studio.

For further information, please either email or telephone 07792 365 437

Please note that the size, colours and quality of the pictures on this page have been reduced for web viewing and do not accurately represent the detail and vivid colours of the actual photographs

Tameside in Gold

l-r: Hughie's Bar (Formerly Tramways and formerly The Bowling Green) Denton; Signs around Tameside; door handles at Hyde Town Hall; Droylsden High School library door handles above the Victoria Pub, Dukinfield above Dukinfield's Town Hall Clock.

Tameside Olive Green

l-r: Bowler hatted man on back of Denton Baths (representing hatting industry, for which Denton was so famous); Hyde Town Hall; Denton Town Hall stained glass; Denton Town Hall staircase; Dukinfield Town Hall; tiles at Dukinfield Town Hall; Dukinfield War Memorial.

Tameside Aqua & Jade

l-r: Behatted man mural on Denton Baths; Droylsden Academy; stained glass at Dukinfield Town Hall; plaster work from same Town Hall; tiled facade of The Ashton (Angel Hotel), Ashton Under Lyne; Sculpture of Robert Dukinfield outiside Town Hall.

Tameside Apricot & Blue

l-r: Hyde Town Hall doors; Openshaw Brewery Co. on High Street Dukinfield; Entrance handles to old Droylsden High School; view of Stalybridge from Dukinfield; Dukinfield Town Hall stained glass; Moravian Settlement Georgian homes, Fairfield, Droylsden; paintins on Denton pool wall; White Hart, Droylsden.

Hats off To Denton

l-r: Tipping the Denton Linney, outside Denton Town Hall; fountain at Market Place, Denton; an old Denton bus; Tameside signpost in market place, and back to Tipping the Denton Linney.

Homes at the Fairfield Moravian Settlement in a Puddle



Library door handles, Droylsden High School before demolition to make way for Droylsden Academy.

Droylsden Academy


Droylsden Library


Classic Mill, Droylsden


Slices of Ashton Under Lyne


Fountain, Droylsden Academy


Hats of Denton

on the back wall of Denton Pools.


Denton's famous hat works. The Bowler brothers who gave their name to the ubiquitous British hat came from Denton.

Oak Mill, Millbrook, Stalybridge

The gorgeous ruins of this 1853-built mill provide wonderful light-fall.

Shadow and Light at Oak Mill (i)


Shadow and Light at Oak Mill (ii)


Stalybridge War Memorial

a gloriously elegant, melancholy angel nurse tends a soldier.

Ray Mill Stalybridge

as seen from Dukinfield.

Denton Town Hall

the "Perseverence" window.

Silver Springs (i)

The Silver Springs pub exterior, opposite Crown Point, Denton.

Silver Springs (ii)

The Silver Springs pub interior before the lamentable decision to replace the superb stained glass windows with UPVc!!

St. Lawrence's Medieval Church, Denton


Denton Parish Church in a car bonnet


Carter's Arms Denton


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