Neil Roland - Gallery 52

This gallery contains a selection from my large Southampton collection, created while working on several commissions in this fascinating port city.

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Please note that the size, colours and quality of the pictures on this page have been reduced for web viewing and do not accurately represent the detail and vivid colours of the actual photographs

Southampton Jade

l-r: Civic Centre Building (1936); St. Michael's Church stained glass; Fountain outside Southampton Art Gallery; the London pub; Pilgrim Fathers' Memorial; The Civic Centre

Southampton Red

l-r: Dorchester Pub, Lyon Street; Southampton F.C., St. mary's Stadium; Southampton Solent University; George's Restaurant and Spagghetti House; trees in Southampton Park; White Star Line Southampton; telephone boxes at Castlegate; Bedfords on Bedford Avenue; Red Lion Pub on High Street.

Southampton Pink Gold


Southampton Blue


May & Wade

Reflecting St. Johns School, French Street.

The Grapes Pub

Oxford Street

The Harbour


The London Pub


Southampton F.C.


Titanic Memorial


Fountain at Southampton Art Gallery


Oxford Street


St. Michael's Legs

in St. Michael's Church.

Civic Centre Ceiling


Civic Centre Adornment (1936)


Civic Centre Aglow


George's Restaurant


Reflecting on Football in Southampton


Civic Centre Ionic Columns


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