Neil Roland - Gallery 58
Stockport (inc. Stockport, Edgeley, Marple, Bramhall)

This gallery contains but a fraction of my Stockport collection - stockport is a diverse town with many satellite areas. As with all of my artworks, different places can be blended within Stockport to create a personalised creation. Here are just some examples…..

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Please note that the size, colours and quality of the pictures on this page have been reduced for web viewing and do not accurately represent the detail and vivid colours of the actual photographs

Stockport Black & White

l-r: The White Lion pub, Stockport; Old technicolour film reels at The Plaza Cinema, Stockport; A classic Stockport bus destination winder; Winter's Jewellers with animated clock - now a pub; Victorian lamp standard at St. Peter's Gate; Stockport Industrial Equitable Co-Operative Society at Cheadle Heath. Stockport Town Hall reflected in Stockport Infirmary.


Stockport Sunshine

Stained glass in Stockport library; classic Stockport bus; tiled porch at The Nelson Pub, Wellington Road; the organ at The Plaza cinema; George V1 post box within Stockport train station; Stockport Town Hall stained glass window.


Stockport Gold

l-r: Stained glass window at Stockport Town Hall; original art deco window at the 1929-opened Plaza Cinema; Stockport Town Hall door handles; The mosaic bee hive of Stockport Co-Operative Society at Cheadle Heath; the golden seat ends at The Plaza, with art deco frieze detailing; Fountain monument provided by the Greg Family (of Styal Mill), at Vernon Park, Stockport.


Signs of the Times, Stockport

Your own street signs or business signs can be incorporated into the rich collection of signage all around Stockport to create a unique and personalised art work.


Light & Shade, Stockport

l-r: The Crown Pub, Stockport; marble tablet in St. Michael's Church, Hazel Grove; bridge over Hillgate; the old Calico factory at Strines; Stockport Town Hall reflected in Stockport Infirmary; dappled light on Stockport Art Gallery.


The Plaza, Stockport

Details from the splendid and now restored 1929-opened super cinema in the heart of old Stockport. These are from a large collection of pictures I have created of every detail of the old cinema before restoration.


Calico Mill Strines


Vernon Park, Stockport


Old Stockport


Stockport Town Hall in Stockport Infirmary


The Crown, Stockport


Signs of the Times, Edgeley


Hidden Edgeley


Signs of the Times, Marple


Marple Bridge


Moments Marple

Ludworth Primary School at Marple Bridge; Marple Bridge Co-op; horse in fields at the Ridge; The Pineapple Pub, Marple; waterside Marple Bridge; The Bulls Head Pub, Marple; Marple Station ; modern Marple sign; clock on All Saints Parish Church, Marple.


Bramhall Black & White

Looking like lace stocking tops- interior of Bramhall Hall; Bramhall Village Square; onto the bowling green, Bramhall Hall; clock in Village Square; Classic 'Bra' telephone number on estate agent sign now in Stockport Museum; magpie façade at Bramhall Hall; Bramhall Village, contemporary sign.


Bramhall Hall


Wonders of Woodford

from left: The Davenport Arms, known as The Thieves' Neck, reflected in the bus stop opposite; classic Woodford bus; AVRO - the aeroplane builders responsible for such legendary planes as the Nimrod and the Lancaster Bomber was founded by Alliott Verdon Roe (A.V.Roe), the site of New Hall Farm in Woodford assembling the plane parts built at Eccles, and continued in use until 2011; original painting from the canteen at Avro, Woodford showing the different eras of flight; Deanwater Hotel's 16th century walls, Wilmslow Road; post box outside Christ Church, Woodford , and the litchgate at Woodford Church.





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