Neil Roland - Gallery 63

My Barcelona collection comprises a whole raft of images to suggest the colours, form and essence of this sumptuous Catalan city.
For me, it was much much more than 'Gaudi'. Yes, there are some Gaudi images - but as with so many cities where one architect is revered above all others (I'm thinking Macintosh in Glasgow, for example), there is a wealth of gorgeousness that has nothing to do with the one big marketed name.
Individual sections from these pictures can be used to bring Barcelona into artworks about people's lives where the city has played a part - perhaps a honeymoon, venue for a first kiss, or where a wonderful vacation took place.

For further information, please either email or telephone 07792 365 437

Please note that the size, colours and quality of the pictures on this page have been reduced for web viewing and do not accurately represent the detail and vivid colours of the actual photographs

Barcelona 1


Barcelona 2


Barcelona 3


Barcelona 4


Barcelona 5


Barcelona 6


Barcelona 7


Barcelona 8


Barcelona 9


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