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Wild Life in Sale

 Stained glass animals at Sale Town Hall in their main staircase window, join the white stone owl at Brooklands Primary School (once the feeder school to Manchester Grammar, which also has the owl as its emblem) and the black iron work lion outside the original Lloyds bank on School Road in Sale Centre. There is also a wonderful full-face owl in glass from a large villa on Moss Lane, and a stag's head in plaster on the Amblehurst Hotel, Washway Road.




Sale Pure Gold

 from left: stained glass in the Town Hall; The art deco lamps outside the town hall; the grade 2 stained glass ceiling upstairs at The Volunteer Pub on Washway Road; the Carter's Arms at Sale Moor; mosaic interior at St. John The Divine church, Brooklands Road; Sale town hall staircase; Sale Rugby Club; The Cheshire Regiment window at the Town Hall and the polished door handles at Sale Town Hall.




Sale Circles & Moor

 left- right: Sale Town Hall; a selection of Sale pubs, from top: The Volunteer; the former Sale Hotal; The Temple at Sale Moor , The Vine, Washway Road and The Bank, School Road.; the sundial in front of the J.P.Joule statue, Worthington Gardens; 1921 former hardware store, Washway Road; people arrangement at Walkden Gardens; the clock at St. Martin's, Ashton-On-Mersey over the clock at Brooklands Primary School over the clock on the old school house, Ashton-on-Mersey.; the first home, at Sale Moor of George Mottershead, who founded Chester Zoo.





Sale Green

Flanked by the gates at Walkden Gardens (first and last pictures) are: The Avenue, Sale's classic road of beautiful detached houses; The gates at Walton Park; In the centre is stained glass from 5, The Avenue, a classic Mercedes belonging to one-time Sale surgeon Sidney Rose, being looked after at Brooklands Garage and the original Sale F.C. Rugby Union Club since 1905 at Heywood Road, just off Marsland Road.


Sale in Black & White

l-r: James Joule sculpture, Worthington Park, Sale. Joule was a physicist whose work with energy and heat led to the unit of energy 'kj' being named after him; mid Victorian mile marker on Brooklands Road ; Gothic house on Northenden Road, Sale; rugby stained glass window at Sale Sports Club; World War memorial outside Sale Town Hall; the railings at the imposing former Methodist Church, later Trinity Temple, Northenden Road; the original wooden 'Washway' sign before it became known as Washway Road (the sign is still in place) the stone owl above the entrance to Brooklands Primary School, Whitehall Road. The school was the original feeder to Manchester Grammar, for which the emblem is the owl.




Signs, Stained Glass, Sale

Sale's most special and historic residences retain some magnificent features - but even more regular family homes boast some beautiful stained glass. The central three panels are from 'The Homestead' on Whitehall Road, at Brooklands - once home to the Lightfoot Family whose stained glass business is still in Sale today. A later resident was the well known vascular surgeon Sidney S. Rose. The outer windows are from an original house on Queens Road, Sale. And between are a century and more of classic signage around Brooklands, Sale and Ashton-on-Mersey.


Sale So Blue

l-r: war memorial in front of Sale Town Hall; The Sale coat of arms is positioned between two Sale blue plaques, one for George Mottershead, founder of Chester Zoo, positioned on the apartment in which he was born in Sale Moor, and one for Robert Bolt, the acclaimed playwright, born at the top of Northenden Road; Sale Station; the stained glass windows at The Belmore Hotel on Brooklands Road; Sale Waterside; glass at The Homestead, Whitehall Road; the pigeon house in Walkden Gardens; the blue mosaics on 'The Bull's Head Hotel, Washway Road; the wing of an angel at St. John The Divine, Brooklands.



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