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Signs of the Times, Wilmslow

Signage from the past two centuries in the Cheshire town of Wilmslow.
You can choose your own, personalised signage from my vast collections, by visiting my studio in Didsbury.


Wilmslow in a Black Box

l-r: Black Box reflected in a car in the carpark here; The tiles on Sainsbury's Wilmslow, depicting an ancient tale; the seats to an old, abandoned cinema at Ferranti Building, Styal Road; The Wilmslow bridges by the bypass; Etrop Grange; terracotta detailing on building opposite The Washing Well launderette;Antique, barley-twist candle stick at Dean Row Chapel; The Black Box in a car bonnet in the carpark.




Wilmslow Gold

l-r: servants' bells at Adlington Hall; Ancient farm building at Hough Lane, Wilmslow; The Boddington Gates leading to the playing fields; Wilmslow's viaduct bridges; Styal Mill reflected; windows at Prestbury's Lord Rodney Pub; the plaque on the pedestrianised part of Wilmslow Centre; Wilmslow's gold Olympic post box; entrance to Prestbury's Admiral Rodney Pub.




Wilmslow Black & White

l-r: Adlington Hall; The Ship Inn at Styal; classic cottage close to Black Box; original staircase at Wilmslow High School; Antique doorway at Fulshaw Park, Wilmslow; Aston Martin garage on Water Lane; Prestbury Riding Stables; 1930s neo tudor house facade on Parkway, Wilmslow.




Wilmslow Shades of Jade




Wilmslow Red

l-r: Post Box by Agapanth; Bespectacled Ghandi at opticians, Albert Road; Prestbury Church; Victorian wall map showing Wilmslow to London train route at Victoria Station.; entrance door, Pownall Hall School; St. John's Litchgate, Lindow; Philip Alexander tailors on Alderley Road, reflecting the daffodils on roundabout; a classic Wilmslow Route Master bus.



Wilmslow Blue

l-r: Wilmslow Station; Wilmslow direction post; The Ship Inn, Styal; bollard outside Police Station just by The Black Box.; The River Bollin at Cow Lane; Styal Mill clock; Wilmslow Train Station.





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