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Taken for a Ride

Rhona Laski’s life is squeezed into her en suite room in the Sidney Fleiss Old People’s Home in the suburban village of Didsbury, where Manchester’s cotton barons built their Victorian villas, and where a community like no other laid its roots. Meanwhile, her friend Sylvia’s elegant home ‘Lynton’ must be sold, yet no buyer can be found in this property hot-spot. Sylvia’s grand-daughter should know why, working as she does for the estate agency selling the house, but her attentions become focused on a photographer with a passion for the endangered and overlooked. The queston is Who is being Taken for a Ride by Whom?

"A beautifully written novel. Original, comic, moving, pacey and perceptive. Neil Roland has an imaginative and incisive curiosity about human nature and the eccentricities of character that inform it." .
Jack Rosenthal

"I’m much impressed. The insight into older people, especially women, is precious and rare. I’m astonished at the understanding. Every syllable is believable. It says it all.... This book deserves a wide readership."
Bernice Rubens

"I have enjoyed ‘Taken for a Ride’ enormously. It beautifully and funnily captures a vanishing world which I knew only at third hand, but now sense vividly."
Ned Sherrin

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