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NY Arts Magazine
"The 'M' Factor," Neil Roland / Suburb Café, Manchester, UK
By Stephen Gosling

For those of you who don’t know Manchester, England, it is the Seattle of the United Kingdom.....a Manchester that looks colorful and tempting....

Manchester Metro News
In the naked city

PHOTOGRAPHIC artist Neil Roland prepared for his latest exhibition by capturing images of totally naked men and women in Manchester city centre.....

Eye On Manchester
By Aidan O'Rourke

Neil Roland is one of the foremost photographers in Manchester, though he prefers to call himself a photographic artist. The description is entirely justified as his pictures are more than just photographs, they are works of art.....Eye On Manchester wholeheartedly recommends the work of Neil Roland. He is a groundbreaking and inspiring artist, and I’m sure his work will gain in value in the future.

Manchester Online - Portico:Manchester's Marvels Exposed
By David Henry

NEIL Roland is explaining his love of Manchester. He says, with evident enthusiasm: "I think it is a fascinating city architecturally. I love the richness, the minutiae. It is a wonderful mix of buildings. It has great character and photographs very well.....Manchester is a great city visually and hopefully the exhibition will show people that."

Manchester Forum
Reflections on Manchester

.....The exhibition was a celebration of the city’s ever-changing minutiae - the decaying gems of the buildings brought to life in the light of the glittering glass that is springing uparound....

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