Neil Roland - Gallery 31
Reddish, Stockport Gallery

Reddish was an area with which I was not overly familiar, until I was commissioned to create a collection of works to hang in the newly converted Victoria Mill, one of the sensational mill developments in what I discovered was a gloriously historic enclave of architectural gems.

Sir William Houldsworth, a one-time Manchester MP and cotton baron, created what became the largest spinning mills in Europe at Reddish, and his legacy - including a sensational church, school and working mens club designed by the renowned Alfred Waterhouse (who designed Manchester Town Hall), all remain today.

This collection was commissioned to celebrate the enduring beauty around the mills at Reddish today, and to present them in a unique way.

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Broadstone Mill in car bonnets

The curves of shiny cars in Broadstone Mill car park create waves like a sea when turned 90 or 180 degrees

Living Reddish (i)

St. Elizabeth Church organ in sunlight; oil portrait, Sir William Houldsworth, at Reddish Working Men's Club; window at St. Elizabeth's church; roof of School; Houldsworth Mill reflected in puddle outside Grey Horse pub; memorial clock, Reddish Square; Waterhouse designed doorway, St. Elizabeth's Church

Living Reddish (ii)

magnificent marble in church interior, St. Elizabeth's; entrance gates, Broadstone Mill; 1909 certificate to headmaster of St. Elizabeth's School on retirement; roof door, St. Elizabeth's church; the school reflecting trees; window in church; gatepost, Broadstone Mill

Living Reddish (iii)

Close up marble & mosaic at St. Elizabeth's Church interior; dome top, Broadstone Mill; original tiled flooring, St. Elizabeth's Church; spires of church and working men's club; Alfred Waterhouse animal detail at church; old Red Ink jar from school; horse and flying fish emblems on Flying Horse pub.

Living Reddish (iv)

Memorial plaque to William Houldsworth in specially dedicated chapel at St. Elizabeth's Church; railings at Broadstone Mill; Blackboard Renovator discovered hidden at St. Elizabeth's School; cockerel weather vane on church spire; church interior, marble and gold mosaics; school indenture; copper domed Broadstone Mill; 1909 built Grey Horse pub

Living Reddish (v)

1865 built Houldsworth Mill clock; turquoise/gold mosaic, St. Elizabeth's Church; inks and blackboard restorers found during renovations at St. Elizabeth's School dating from its time as Houldsworth School; chimney, Houldsworth Mill; barley twist attic staircase, Reddish Working Men's club; bronze eagle podium, St. Elizabeth's Church; original signature of William Houldsworth on indenture at Houldsworth School; pew end at the Alfred Waterhouse designed church.

Signs of the Times In Reddish

Original street signs all around the heart of Reddish

Waterhouse Gems

The intricate Victorian roofine of Houldsworth Working Mens' Club with church spire behind, all designed by renowned architect Alfred Waterhouse who built Manchester Town Hall and who was commissioned by Sir William Houldsworth to build all the principal buildings around the mills.. Pictures turned by 90 degrees

Victoria Mill

Victoria Mill restored and with its new top storeys, as it is today, reflected in a rain-puddle and shown upside down

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